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Quote from mdp123 View Post :
I have been a user of the first gen box for awhile. You have to understand its ideal scenario is not really what your describing. I have mine parked in the closet by my router where my antena coax comes into the house. So now I have descrambled HD signal piping over my whole house network so every TV that has a computer (or any PC in myhouse) via Windows Media center now thinks it has 2 tv tuners in the computer. Works incredibly well. I use remotes for the computer. This isnt really meant to be a box that hooks straight to a TV, it simply converts TV signal to Ethernet.
So this connects directly to the router which means you can record via a netbook or laptop and not require the HTPC to be on? Does this still use windows media center the same way an internal tv tuner would? My HTPC has a USB infrared receiver and remote so I want to still be able to control TV that way but having a second tuner (as well as the ability to watch TV from anything on my network) would be a plus.
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