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Just got off the phone with Discover and they said that the Price Protection would apply if you bought it today as long as the claim was filed within the 90 days of the original purchase.

Quote :
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Robert: Thank you for visiting What questions can I help you with today?
MTWiley: Hi, I need to purchase a new TV this weekend, however I'm concerned that the TV I buy may wind up on sale during Black Friday. I was wondering, will the Discover Price Guarentee be able to refund the difference if the TV I buy this weekend winds up on sale on Black Friday?
Robert: That is an excellent question and I can understand your concern with the Black Friday deals.
Robert: Yes, Price Protection does count for Black Friday sales!
MTWiley: Awesome, thanks for the confirmation. Yet another reason to love my discover card.
Robert: The thing to be careful is that the Price Protection applies to the exact model of TV and doesn't count if they try a 'bundling promotion'.
Robert: You're welcome!
Robert: This new feature was added to give you peace of mind while shopping these holidays!
Robert: Do you have any other questions or concerns?
MTWiley: That's the only one I had and it's definitely the answer I wanted to hear. Thanks for everything you guys do.

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