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Could we somehow get a automatic FAQ posted for any monitor with WQHD resolution? People ALWAYS mention large TVs being cheaper but they always fail to notice the difference in resolution.

HDTV: 1920x1080 pixels = 2,073,600 pixels
WQHD Monitor: 2560x1440 pixels = 3,686,400 pixels

3,686,400/2,073,600 = 1.78 times as much room on these monitors than a standard 1920x1080 monitor/TV. These monitors have basically as much width as two laptop screens side by side, and twice the height. You can have two full windows open at once. You just see so much stuff with these monitors and it really boosts productivity. Lots of people don't even understand how much easier and better using a computer is when the monitor has a ton of room to display stuff, especially if you've never used a monitor with this resolution.
to each their own, personally i prefer having 4 monitors (at work), easier to do development work that way (to me). a standard 1080p 27" at the center, a 24" dell at the side, and two 20's as well.