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Software McAFEE Total Protection @staples B&M this week make ~$6 or $26
I didn't find any similar post so hopefully this is not a repost. Otherwise please forgive me. I don't post deals often (actually this is my second try) and just enjoy and take the benefit in this forum and giving others positive.

Staples this week (11/11 - 11/17) has McAFEE TP 2013 (1pc) $53.99 - $49MIR = $4.99

Now almost everyone register staples email add received the in store $5 off $25 coupon, while you know where can find/buy the 20% off in store coupon. combined both make the final price to be:

$53.99 - 5.00 - 10.80(20% off) - 49.00(MIR) + ~$2.5(tax after coupon) +~$2.5(coupon purchased) = make $5.8 This is not the end...

When you get the software small box, cut of the UPC for rebate, and then has nothing else to do (you don't really want to install it, right?) you may happened to open the box, then you find a small card saying to claim your $20 prepaid card with a reward code provided on the card.

Just simply go to and register it with both product key and the reward code the prepaid card will shipped to you later (It is said you need to install the software but I highly doubt it, I wouldn't take risk and installed it in an old computer but someone may try to ignore the installation part.)

Finally the overall will be making ~$25.8 after all~~ I know this may not be good enough and need several steps, but please consider if you have some staples gift cards which MUST be used in store, or staples rewards going to expire soon. And then let's see the BF staples FAR software, these two coupon both expire on 11/17 so that if no more other coupon coming out, the BF FAR software will anyway cost you some tax.

Staples also has McAFEE Internet Security 2013 (3pc) $63.99 - $54MIR = $9.99
After similar steps, you will finally get $63.99 - 5.00 - 12.80 -54 +2.9(tax) +2.5 = make $2.4 plus another $20 prepaid card (The software has the reward code in the box also, you can get 5 prepaid cards /household, see FAQ below). Anyway, another staples giftcard/rewards consuming deal at least.

McAFEE Always on Program FAQ:
How do I qualify to receive the reward?
Follow these two steps to sign up and claim your reward.

Sign up for the McAfee Always On Protection program at
Click “Register Now” to create a new account
Complete the registration process
To claim your reward, have your McAfee Product Key and Reward Code available.

Where can I find the McAfee Product Key?
The Product Key is located on the QuickStart Guide provided with your McAfee purchase. This is a unique 25 character code.

Where can I find the Reward Code?
The Reward Code is located on the McAfee Always On Protection postcard provided with your McAfee purchase. This unique code is 20 characters long, using both numbers and letters.

I bought more than one of the same product. Can I submit multiple times for this offer?
There is a limit of one reward per McAfee Card on File registration, with a limit of 5 per household.

I’ve signed up for the McAfee Always On Protection program and claimed my reward. Now what?
If you live in Australia, you can expect to receive your PayPal Reward email with instructions on getting started within 3 business days. If you have not received your email within 5 business days, please check your spam folder and/or contact PayPal at 1-888-221-1161.
If you live in the United States, you can expect to receive your McAfee Visa® Prepaid Card within 4-6 weeks.

How can I check the balance of my reward?
If you live in Australia, please visit PayPal at Login to view your account balance, check payments received and transfer funds at your discretion.
If you live in the United States, you can check your card balance by visiting or calling 1-877-402-5827.

Newest Update (11/21): The two $20 rewards debit cards have received today.
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