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Quote from mathfaster View Post :
From what others have posted about returns and limits, the limits AFAIK are enforced on subsequent transactions. People have done returns where previously they bought the limit or were at the limit IIRC. When they did a return/rebuy the rebate for the rebuy was rejected for being over the limit as returns do not subtract from the limits. They got it fixed by calling but to me that illustrates the principle that limits are enforced for subsequent transactions.
Thanks, so I take it you are saying that the limit is enforced immediately upon first submitting the rebate for a subsequent transaction (assuming 3-4 hours have passed since purchase) and counts previous transaction data when checking the limit. But obviously the limits have to be checked again in a later step since as you said they have to account for returns.

It's pretty apparent to me the "limit" for this promo is supposed to be $150 since that is the maximum rebate amount that shows up per transaction regardless of purchasing 4 or 5 $200 GC's. I didn't see anyone who bought more than $1000 of GC's in any denominations in one transaction but I suspect they would be capped at $150 as well. But given this $150 is the per transaction limit, and as you say the system can check across transactions when first submitting a rebate for a subsequent transaction, I'm surprised that people are able to enter multiple receipts for one account and get rebates that sum to more than $150. But I'm guessing this is somehow due to the same glitch that gives the incorrect amounts $75, $135, and $150 to buying 2, 3, and 4 $200 cards.

But who's to say that in the later validation step this sum payment will not be brought back down to $150? I was planning to do 2 transactions, one with 3 $200 GC's and the second with a single $100, thinking I would get $135 and $15 for each transaction and no red flags would pop up for exceeding the overall limit. I thought this would be the safest and also the cheapest in terms of transaction fees ($27) and require less money to churn through GC's ($700), and would give you what I believe is the intended maximum rebate of $150. However since I saw Czarczar's post I'm not sure what to think now because that has also been a worry of mine that they would "fix" the system to only give $15 per $200 GC. And even if he is lying it doesn't mean it may not happen later.

However I have yet to have any luck finding any $200 or $100 cards at my store so I may not be able to do the deal at all or else I'll just have to take what I can get.