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Thanks, so I take it you are saying that the limit is enforced immediately upon first submitting the rebate for a subsequent transaction (assuming 3-4 hours have passed since purchase) and counts previous transaction data when checking the limit. But obviously the limits have to be checked again in a later step since as you said they have to account for returns.
Here's some more deductive logic regarding limits. Plenty of past posts where a second rebate has been rejected due to the fact that Parago has determined that two rebates have been submitted by the same person and thus are over the limit. They are not quite the same person per the data but their name is the same and the zip codes are in close proximity. I would think that the second rebate would not have been rejected if it were not over the limit based on the first rebate. This limit (whatever it is) is just not apparent. Is it based on # cards, # transactions, rebate amount of $150? IDK nor does anyone else for that matter.
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