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My store had the ones with "Special Subscription Offer" shown on the bottom right so bought I one -- just make sure the box is sealed at the top & bottom (saw a box with bottom seal ripped off)

Paid $54 - $5 off $25 = $49 + tax and expecting $49 McAfee rebate & $20 Always On rebate

You don't have to install the software, you just have to register it online so the key is activated

Try to redeem the Always On rebate first to see if it goes through without activating (steps 4-8 below) -- if it does not work then activate the software (steps 1-3 below) and then try steps 4-8 again

1) Buy the "special sub offer" box in store and go to

2) Enter product key and signup for an online account or login to existing one when it asks you to (this will activate the key) -- download software installer if you want to

3) Make sure online McAfee account shows:
Protection is available with McAfee Total Protection
Expires 11/14/2013 (whatever day you activated it on + 1yr)

4) Go to

5) For Step 1 just click on "GO" and a new window will open to McAfee's site (since you alrdy registered the product online just close the window)

6) Step 2 should now be unlocked so click on "GO" then enter your product key & reward code and finish the online redemption

7) You can go to to check your submission (email will come after a few mins)
Rebate: $20.00 Prepaid Card
Promotion: McAfee Always On Protection
Submission Type: PAPERLESS
Date Received: 11-14-2012
Status Detail: Your rebate has been entered and is scheduled for final processing.

8) Do the $49 McAfee rebate

My online McAfee account doesnt have any credit cards on there and I double checked the auto-renewal setting and its set to "off" so Always On Protection wont be able to renew my service:

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