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Quote from garycoleman View Post :
what can a $370 blender do that my $30 blender can't do?
Not burn out & make things smoothly.. I've had a lot of $100 or so blenders that simply didn't last.. Add up what I spent over the years & I should have just gotten the Vitamix from the get go..

if you use your blender a lot you'll notice a difference in the blend quality, power, & it just works. My wife & I use ours several times daily to crush ice & blend smoothies & protein drinks & she makes hot soup & other meals with it. We've had the Vitamix for several years & there's no hint of it dying, add up all the below blenders I had, I could have just bought the VitaMix.

There is also consistency.. The cheap blenders I had would struggle with ice or hard particles & you wouldn't get a smooth blend.. You'd get some ice chunks or fruit & veggie fibers or it just didn't create a vortex to pull everything into the blades & blend evenly so you'd have stuff on the sides of the jar unblended..

Previously I've had oster, cuisinart, black & decker, waring, Hamilton beach, magic bullet, & some other brands I can't remember.. Nothing like that burning smell from the motor permeating your kitchen & wasted ingredients when the thing dies & you're left with a jar full of half blended stuff.. protein powder, fruit, kale, Greek yogurt, ice, etc wasted..

It's kind of like going up a steep incline with an economy car 4 banger vs a powerful 6 or 8 cyl.. They both will make it up, but the 4 banger struggles (like my old 1.6 liter civic from college going up the I-5 grapevine) whereas 8 cyl is just so much smoother, powerful & faster. The cheap blended hiccup on ice or dumping in whole fruits & vegetables.. VitaMix just pulverizes it. We have parties with lots of guests & mix drinks with it,having it on several hours a night & it hasn't skipped a beat in several years.

Of course if you rarely use it, or just blend liquids, no hard solids or ice & easy stuff, then you probably won't notice much difference & can't justify the cost.

We also had a juicer before & hated 2 things about it.. The metal strainer basket was hard to clean & it took all the fiber out of the fruits & vegetables.. The Vitamix just breaks the whole thing down whether its ice, an apple, celery, carrots, beets, avocado, kale, etc.. Everything is smoothly blended together..

& 90 day warranty from some foreign company purchased off the Internet (even if its through amazon) vs like 7 yrs from VitaMix USA & from Costco (forever guarantee).. To each his own, but ill pay for the VitaMix. Not to mention about half the wattage of both VitaMix & Blendtec & 3 speed vs variable or programmable...& all that counter space! I

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