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1.77:1 is a standard 16:9 resolution.

2.35:1 would leave black lines on the top and bottom, displaying a wider field of view but a smaller picture overall.

As to the aspect ratio's accuracy I cannot comment, but I can say the 2010 and 2011 editions were listed 2:35 (or .39 depending on which site).

The Warner Bros. site has the aspect ratio as "16X9 LETTERBOX" and I'm assuming that is where this comes from. Does this only apply to the bonus content? The movies themselves? I'm not sure, but it doesn't make much sense for them to change it now, considering it has been 2:35 to 1 since like... it was released (this includes the individually released blu-rays). Hopefully somebody has a more definitive answer soon.

EDIT: Also, I can't seem to find any information on the 2012 release anywhere, every site I look at has the 2011 release. I'm not sure that it is anything other then an internal change in Amazon's pages. Can anyone confirm/deny this?

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