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Quote from ParticleJG View Post :
Just because something rarely goes on sale does not make it slick. (Example a 55 LG TV rarely goes on sale, so does that make it a good deal when its $200 off when a Sony 55 is on sale for $1250?)

My point is, what about competition or toys that are like these toys? Are you buying a toy or the brand?

This is not a troll, more need more information please as I need to buy a toy for my niece for Christmas and I do not have children. Thank you in advance.
Your questions are fair and I used to be the same way. But Playmobil is in a league of its own. The quality is far better than I've seen in other toys and can take a beating (and I mean a BEATING) and not break at all. If by some feat you manage to break a piece, Playmobil will ship you a replacement for free. They are made in Germany, not China, and are designed by engineers who spend years on each product. and it shows. Many have innovative cool parts, hidden trap doors, etc. these will actually work and not break unlike other toys which usually end up only causing frustration. Playmobil toys win a slew of toy awards every year.

Give a child a Playmobil toy and you will find they are capable of a new level of imaginative play that can last for hours (especially if it is a mid sized set or larger or multiple smaller sets.

In terms of prices, I couldn't get over how expensive they were at first. But in time I felt it was worthwhile (something I rarely believe). Unlike Legos (another great but expensive toy), TRU doesn't inflate the price of the Playmobil MSRP before the sale discount. And Lego sales are more common as well.

Also, to answer your main point - "it isn't a slickdeal just because it is on sale when it usually is not.... " well it is when you want that item and even more so when you want it and might have been willing to pay full price for it. Plus not only do these rarely go on sale. But when they do, it is usually only something like 20% off the MSRP and free shipping over a $100. This is a much better sale. The school for instance is normally $185. Best sale might get it for you at $148 (20% off). Here is it about $67! That's unheard of. The other items are really good as well.