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You obviously don't see value in intellectual property, that is why you can't quantify someone's hard work into dollars, cubic feet, or kilowatt hours. However, it is there, even if you can't measure it. Besides, there is electricity in those coax wires, which you call "signal"

When the cable company pays to the content provider, they pay them a fee based on the number of people who will potentially view the content. If you don't think the content does not cost them a dime, then like I said earlier, start your own.

Anti-trust laws are in place to prevent marker monopoly. If you think that your cable company has a monopoly in your area, and you are unfairly prevented from starting your own, put those laws that you so determined to break, to work.

You seem like an intelligent person, but you are failing to grasp the basic concepts of how businesses are run. Even the non-profits make money, they just spend it on "operating costs" rather than giving the extra money they make on top of the cost to run the business to the "owner" (shareholders, actual owners, ect)

If you want to work for free, I am sure there are people who will gladly take you up on their offer, but you won't be able to do that for too long, as you won't be able to support your self and your family with your free work.

What you are paying is for the signal to that particular box/TV that you are renting from the cable company, not to the whole house. If you want to view the content on other TV's, no one is going to stop you from splitting the line and moving the box around from one TV to another. But, what you propose is cable theft, since you only pay for one location, but using service in more than 1 location.

Cable companies will gladly rent you another box or charge you additional TV outlet fee to allow you to view the content that you paid for on another unit. It does cost them money to purchase the feed from the content holders, and it does cost them money to distribute it. Why should they not be able to recouperate their costs?

Quote from CHeston View Post :
No laws are not laws. Speeing is not the same as murder. Some laws are justifiable, some are so insane they are incomprehensible to any rational, thinking person.

And I can't just start my own cable company, thanks to the government which doesn't even come close to representing what America is about any longer. Just like other utilities, these are highly regulated industries that form legal, regional monopolies. When you have gov't basically controlling how a large private business can operate, carving out special privileges and laws that grant them certain advantages that make an actual free market impossible if not illegal. When it comes to corporatism and me being denied an actual choice, I have zero regard for "technicalities" that company can force down our throats because we can't go anywhere else. If the rest of American's weren't such ignorant, mind numb lemmings they could not get away with these types of anti-competitive abuses of the consumers.

And wow if you can't see the one overwhelming details that disproves that stupid analogy then it shows how worthless it is even trying to engage someone like yourself.

The big difference between power and cable is when you use power, you are paying for a quantifiable amount of power. Power can be considered as directly analogous to a gas or water supply. It has a voltage (pressure) and current (flow rate) for which everything you plug into it dissipates or uses up that power. When you put a splitter on a cable you are basically just replicating that signal which does not cost the cable company one dime. Its not a quantity when it comes to a signal, its there or not and when its there the information can be infinitely replicated with your own equipment within your own home without any cost to those providing the signal. Try doing that with your power utility. Its not like running a heater in 5 rooms in my house in which they all consume power that costs the cable company to generate. If I pay for cable, I am paying for that information. Whether I use that signal to watch TV in my bedroom, garage or living room with my own equipment should have no bearing. I am paying for the service, not the amount of energy.

Oh and that other "minor" difference is you are PAYING FOR THE SIGNAL TO YOUR HOUSE ALREADY. Unlike stealing your neighbor's power which you are not paying for.

Seriously if at first glance these obvious differences don't come to mind then its clearly a waste of time talking to you. If your mind is really that simplistic and lacks all ability to think critically then well we know who's the child here. Being logical and refusing to lap up the crap that Corporatist monopolies shove down my throat make me a child then call me Peter Pan and I'm making it my goal to turn American into Never Land.
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