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Quote from aggravated View Post :
CEO's make absolutely terrible IT decisions. Even CIOs make horrible decisions. What is it about management that makes you lose your ability to make sound decisions. Money, power, pride - it's rhetorical.

BTW, if you're the kind of CEO that purchases Inspirons, you need help. You need help anyway because you think Lenovo crap is better than Dell crap. Ask any objective guys in the trenches who deal with hundreds or thousands of these units yearly and you'll realize it's all low bidder junk. It's just about finding the turd that stinks the least.
Gosh! Bitter much? shake head Does it sound like I'm the "kind of CEO that purchase Inspirons"? Read the bit you quoted, and you'll see I'm not.

It's not the gift that counts, but the deal ya got when you bought it!