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We had early access to what I would guess is the deal advertised in this thread. I tried getting it online but couldn't get the deal so I called a rep to figure out what was going on. The rep said that the 299 deal is for a Inspiron 15 (15.6" led screen) BUT has a AMD 1.6 GHz dual-core and NOT the intel 2nd gen i3. The ad we got through email advertising the Inspiron 15 for 299 led to the Inspiron 15 with the intel chipset even though that wasn't the one for 299. I'm not sure what the BF deal will be but the early access one was pretty shady since it advertised the intel but was actually for the AMD. The rep was even shady on the phone because he tried to process the order without giving me the specs until I asked him. When I asked him what the specs were he breezed through the chipset and only said "an AMD processor" until I pressed him for the specifics. It felt like he was trying to sneak it by and that Dell is maybe trying to unload old machines. At any rate, I don't know what dealwill come up on black friday itself, but assuming our early access was for the same deals that will come up on black friday, it's a bad sign. The Inspiron 15 with a 2.3 dual core 2nd gen intel i3 seems pretty decent, though. (I think it's this: I picked one up for 372.39 before tax. Hope this helps.

Quote from Anthony31188 View Post :
Can someone confirm this deal? I'm reading all over the internet that the $299 laptop is the 14" inspiron ultrabook with the i3 processor. But in this thread people are saying that its a 15.6" with an AMD processor?

Am I reading it wrong?