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Quote from gymsock View Post :
I'm not quite sure what to do with it now. I don't have a linked Paypal account. And I don't want to link my real one. Is it possible to create a fake account? Could I use the same name with a US address. My fake eBay account has a Russian address? Any help here? I would of course have to use my real address or the address of a friend in order to get what I buy? Am I committing fraud if I use it? Never really expected this to work.

Also, when I sell stuff on eBay I usually don't ship unless they have a verified Paypal address, so . . . what to do?
According to Paypal, you can only have one personal, premier, or business account, and no more than two total accounts. But in any case, creating a fake Paypal account is pointless since you wouldn't be able to do anything with it. If you use fake names and addresses, you wouldn't be able to receive your items. If you have your friend create a Paypal account, that account and the Ebay account and coupon effectively become theirs, so it would be no different than if someone else participated in the coupon giveaway from the very beginning. You'd have to ask your friend if that's something they want to be involved in.