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Quote from Zoe Moon View Post :
I do like the top half with the thread posters info down at the bottom instead of the top. Although I wonder if it being less prominent that will mean people are not reminded to rep the OP, but then I don't care about reps so what the heck, just playing devils advocate there. I like the thumbs up ...
I'm on the same page. I don't care either way. But then again, I hardly post deals. I mainly come here to find deals.

The rep thing works, in my opinion. It's a simple way to reward somebody, let them have their bragging rights, for posting a deal. What does it cost SD?

Why do people post price mistake deals, when they could just keep it to themself? Bragging rights.

Plus, if more people are affected, the retailer might be in a PR nightmare, and compensate. I got a $200 off coupon from HP, for being in on a price mistake deal. More bragging rights.

It's not just the rep. Somebody remarked it earlier. You remember the OP (ala their reputation). I still remember who the OP was for the HP Touchpad firesale, Iconian. Grant it, I visited that thread like a thousand times. But, anytime I see a deal where Iconian is OP, I'm happy to be in that thread.

I also remember EVO-IC. Anytime where he is OP. I feel sorry for the noobs. I was once a noob to his thread. 5 TUs, multiples pages, "buy now, now, now" vibe. Essentially his deals are hocking Chinese sites/products. I already know what kind of site/deal he's going to post. I just move on.

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