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Quote from amazingbargains View Post :
i was just about to post on this subject. Dont be jumping in on this for the trade purpose. amazon is not stupid. there is no deadline for trade-in, but just like amazon sale prices on new products, trade in prices change frequently, sometimes 3-4 times per day on popular products. That's right - per day. Just because you are seeing a $4.35 trade in value right now, does not mean it will stay the same. Just think about this - you and many others are trying to do the same. Everyone's delivery date will be different. As soon as first few who got early delivery enter their trades, price will go down, because quantity "on hand" will go up for Amazon.

merchant pricing is what i do for a living, but there really is no rocket science here. This happens all the time.
I thought we locked in the price quoted for NEW items since there is no issue of grading?

From Amazon: "Do you guarantee the trade-in price listed on your website?

Yes, if your trade-in is postmarked within 7 calendar days of submission and the item meets or exceeds the product eligibility criteria."

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