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Quote from thriftstorechad View Post :
Yeah, that guy doesn't know what he's talking about. The trade-in values are fluid. They will go up and down as demand suggests, but when you lock in your trade-in, you lock in that price. They give you a week to ship it in. It's also a good idea to check back and see if the price changes. In cases like these, where there's a chance it won't be received in time to ship back to Amazon, you can cancel the original trade-in and resubmit them and the clock starts over. Loves me some Amazon trade-in!

i guess just for you, i should re-write what i wrote in simpler english. locked-in value is good for 7 days, but many wont get their DVD in 7 days. yes, you can cancel and re-submit, but do you really think the value will stay the same? once you cancel, you can only resubmit at prevaling trade in value. Now, where is the sense to what you were saying?