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I got the 2.5 ton one instead for $79.99 on sale. I got the 2.5 because it is more flexible. It goes lower than the 3 ton by a few inches. It can also raise the vehicle higher than the 3, I think to around 21".

The 2.5 seems like it would lift almost anything! It is a gigantic (and heavy!) It's a pain to move around compared to a little 2.5 ton caddie jack but it also doesn't feel like the vehicle is about to tip over the jack!

I had to prime the jack when I got it but after that it worked like a charm. It lifted my 1971 23' Cadillac like it was nothing (I feared for my life with a caddie jack). The jacking bar can be just a little trouble to line up in the slot with the hydraulic valve.

I'd still take this one over the 3 ton just because of the versatility. I also have a low sports car and the 3 ton does not fit under it without putting boards under the tires. Something to think about if you have or plan to have more than one type of vehicle.

Hope this helps..........

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