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Quote from DQue View Post :
What planet are you living in? If it's the Earth, last time I checked, everyone got an equal 24 hours/day. I guess for some ppl, time is not an issue and always FREE right?LMAO
No fears, I have my assistant doing the running. I'm much too important to be seen running around exchanging DVDs.

Quote from amazingbargains View Post :
doubt that very much. i have close to 200 trades so far this year, and know exactly how this works. you said it yourself - you lock in the price for 7 days, but if you have nothing to send in time -= what happens?
Your lock in price expires and you have to resubmit the trade-in value. Like someone said, "Amazon is smart" and usually when you resubmit them, they've lowered the price they'll pay you.

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