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Quote from gigaboom View Post :
Depends. A lot of folks here (myself included) have Amazon prime, so second-day shipping is included (I won't call it "free"). If you're set up for it, it's just much easier- one click and it appears on your doorstep, well packed, sometimes even the next day but at least by the day after.

This time of year I'll gladly pay a few cents... or even a few bucks, not to have to drive to and go into a Best Buy. The once or twice I tried to order something shipped to the store I had to wait in the same customer service line as the returns- and gave up at least once. There was no way I was getting to the counter in less than an hour behind all the angry people who couldn't figure out how to hook up their TVs, or are shocked, shocked that Blu-Ray disks won't play on their DVD, or whatever.

I've also had BB back-order on me. By the time the movie showed up, I didn't even remember ordering it. I went to my e-mail buffer to figure it out and it had been almost three months.

Generally, I wait for Amazon to come close to matching BB's price... and, generally, they do. I doubt BB will be with us this time next year anyway.
Best Buy is being VERY competitive lately. Since Amazon has begun to charge tax in my state and BB reopened their "re-imagined" store (which is a lot nicer and cleaner BTW) I enjoy shopping there. The people are still idiots though, I'll give you that.