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Quote from G60roddo View Post :
I was pretty clearly talking about using it at the bar.... or is all the beer also "crap" because it is inside Applebees?
If you're paying $4 for a pint of Bud Light, it's crap. My friend used to work as a bartender at a small chain with an excellent rep (their food was good, actually), and almost all of their drinks were pre-mixed/light on the alcohol. That's why she was able to be a "bartender"--it didn't require any actual training to open pre-mixed bottles and pour them into glasses.

Besides, who wants to hang out at Applebees for drinks? There are plenty of better places to have a few drinks, and a 20% discount on drinks is easy to get (Happy Hour).

Like others have said, this would be more "slick" if it was 30-50% off. But 20%, and the board of fare isn't good to begin with? Pass.
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