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Quote from nthony View Post :
This tv looked horrible in person at the store.The glare was really bad compared to the LED LCD's. I decided not to get it based on that.The TV was going to be an Xmas gift but I couldn't in good conscience get a TV that would look bad in someones house.
You really need to take into consideration the room the set is going to be viewed in. Is glare actually an issue in THAT room? Also, I can't harp on it enough. LCD Based sets (LED and CCFL) always look insanely bright in the showroom. I don't want to get skin cancer watching TV, and always recommend buyers adjust the set back down to humane levels. Unless your dealer takes the time to adjust the sets, buying a TV based on what you see in the showroom is no different than viewing it sight-unseen on the interwebz.

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