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Quote from allenallenallen333 View Post :
Original price is $1299.99 and here's the link (Update - It's now $1199.99)

I don't own this laptop so the following is just me trying to figure things out from the specs page.

You save $300 (Update - now you save $200)
GT 660M 2GB GDDR5 is enough for modern gaming with 1080p screen
1920 x 1080 on 17.3 inch laptop
Plays Blu-ray
Backlit keyboard (All G75VW have backlit keyboards.)

People have been reporting about a G75 freeze issue and it seems like installing new drivers would fix the problem.
500 GB 5400 rpm is just bad so you might want to replace it with your own ssd or whatever drives you have.

Picture shows a 3D mode button so does it have 3D?
I think it has 4 USB 3.0 ports but I haven't confirmed it.

Similar deal:
*Same price
*This has a slower i7-3610QM 2.30 GHz
*Has 1 TB 5400 rpm which still sucks regardless of the size
*No Blu-ray
*Provides 8 GB of ram when the deal OP posted provides 12 GB of ram
*I basically won't get this deal because it sucks compare to OP's deal.

Any opinions on this deal? I'm considering it.
I like this laptop but im not sold on it. Also, the similar deal you linked is expired.