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Quote from pauladams11 View Post :
It's funny to me to read the comments (e.g., at the iphonehacks article, linked above) and see people complaining about Apple coming out with the 4th gen so soon after the 3rd gen, as if it suddenly makes their iPad 3 work differently than when they bought it. I understand the anger when things like OS upgrades make older hardware have problems with apps that worked fine before, but don't the consumers end up winning in the end when there's a shorter development cycle? Better hardware sooner, discounted hardware giving users the choice to buy "latest and greatest" at a premium price, or "yesterday's hardware" (that's just fine for most of us) for less?
Its not about a shorter development cycle, its about an unpredictable one.

I know it sounds silly to get upset that a newer better product gets released rather than held back but when you tend to ride the bleeding edge of technology by trading-in/selling every generation then you suffer some very drastic losses if you hold on to it that long. Im not mad at the iPad 4 because I sold our iPad3 early and got nearly full price to buy two iPad Mini's but I can see how others can be mad because their $600 iPad3 ended up being valued at half the cost because they were caught by surprise by a new version.

This frustration is annoying to people who aren't affected, but if anything then its a big lesson for Apple fans and next update there will be much less complaining.

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