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1. FrugalUsenet is $3.99/mo for the first 400 people that sign up, then $40/yr. I might be bad at math, but how is the $3.99/mo option cheaper than the yearly option? ($48/yr vs. $40/yr).
2. FrugalUsenet has retention for 300 days. What if an individual has a premium membership to nzbmatrix or other other sites which then give retention to 1200 days. Which one holds when attempting to access an article? The 300 or the 1200?
The $3.99 is month to month with no commitment. So, you can cancel and stop paying anytime and switch to another provider whenever should wish. The $40 a year is prepaid. When you prepay you are committed to a year and your money is tied up for that year.

Frugal's retention is 300 days. So nothing from Nzbmatrix over 300 days is available from Frugal. There is a reason they use the name 'Frugal'. In order to keep their prices low, they offer only 300 days retention. For some people 300 days retention is enough. Those people usually buy block accounts with longer retention to use when they on occasion need to download content that is over 300 days old. Depending on your needs, Frugal's 300 day retention and a non expiring block account with longer retention can be very economical.

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