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Quote from orphicdragon View Post :
Thanks! They are so dern expensive I haven't wanted to spend the $$$ to find out my pack hates them. laugh out loud
My dog loves these! These are what we switched to a while back. We get him the smokey bacon, cheesy bacon, and peanut butter flavors for variety. He likes the smoky bacon and cheesy bacon flavors best and then the peanut butter flavor.

When I try to give him a regular dog biscuit he just looks at me like he wants to know where his real treat is...
Quote from Thaineseguy View Post :
Savings of $0.00459643817204301075268817204301/sheet (approximately)
Only at Slickdeals would someone try a save half of a penny. Big Grin
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Does anyone know how to cancel an order from the HP SMB website? I called someone and she transferred me to some kind of disaster relief hotline. WTF.