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Just went on a mission to get the $10 1600 Microsoft Point cards. Brought my Target paper with still had the 1600 cards advertised in it. First went to Walmart and tried to price match, but they refused. They said even if they wanted to price match was impossible to over-ride the price on cards. So I went to Target. On the shelf they had the 3-Month Live cards marked on sale at $10 but the shelf was wiped out of them, but the 1600 point cards were regular price at $20 and there was a big stack of them. I took 2 to the front express register, couldnt believe there was no waiting. Each card rang up at $20. I showed her the Target ad and she over-rided the price in the system so they were $10 each like their ad says. I paid with my REDcard so the total was $19 with no added tax for 3200 Microsoft Points. I should have bought more than 2
Oh also, I price matched $9 Max Payne 3 at Wal-Mart with a printout of the Kmart website that I brought with me, with no problem whatsoever.