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Quote from XtraCrispi View Post :
I bought this watch from Jomashop a year or more ago for the same price. It's an okay watch. It looks nice and feels okay. The only cons I find with the watch are that it only holds about a 40-48 hour charge so if you don't wear it for 2 days you have to set the time. This isn't my every day watch so it's a bit of pain to constantly be setting it. Also with the strap being canvas I have to remember to take it off when I shower. With my Swiss Army metal band I'll leave it on sometimes if I'm in a hurry. The strap is also looking a bit faded after only a year and not every day wear. The strap can get a little grimey so I have to wash it every now and again. Not a bad little watch but not fantastic. Not sure it's even worth the $60 IMHO but I don't think you'll find it for less.
It's a 60 dollar automatic, obviously it has to be wound/worn to keep charge. It's canvas, canvas gets dirty, that's the point, but it wears well. This isn't a tuxedo level watch. Anyone wearing a watch in the shower is lazy as shit. It takes 2 seconds to take any watch off. All your points are invalid troll. laugh out loud