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Quote from Brighton View Post :
I use Google Maps/Nav for traffic but I prefer a Garmin GPS for voice guidance. I plan to use this Garmin's route storage feature via PC software to create custom routes. I often prefer my own route. I find the voice guidance much harder to understand on my Droid 3 than on a Garmin GPS on the dash.
I have to admit, "Australian Karen" is the best voice Smilie

Quote :
It is loss of data connection that is a issue. I traveled to 12 national parks this summer and some has no voice signal much less data connection throughout much of the park. I just drove on a major highway in the midwest today in an urban area found that the Verizon data connection dropped to a 1X connection for at least 10 miles. Opening a webpage at that point took forever. Is Google Nav useful on a 1X connection? If I relied on a cell phone for GPS I would buy an app that stored the map data on the phone. While on vacation with my wife used a Garmin GPS on the dash while I used Microsoft Streets and Trips as a passenger for route planning and to find motels near my destination. Traffic was not an issue for most of our 6000 trip so I seldom used Waz or Google Nav The bigger the screen the better when using GPS for more than just voice guidance.

I have to plug my cell phone into a charger while using Waz or Google Nav to prevent it from quickly draining my battery while my dash GPS units seen to run much longer on battery.
FYI, as of June this year, you can pre-cache map data in Google Maps so nav works even without a data connection.