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I researched it myself and found the following:

1. Looks good here!

Exclusions and Limitations
The Price Protection program applies only to items purchased in the United States of America, including Alaska and Hawaii. It does not cover any of the following:

Any used, rebuilt, remanufactured or second-hand items
Consumable and perishable items including, but not limited to, food, fuel, oil, household products and cosmetics
Jewelry, travelers checks, tickets of any kind, negotiable instruments and bullion
Rare or precious coins or stamps, collectibles, antiques and art objects
Motorized vehicles and their parts including, but not limited to, boats, airplanes, automobiles, trucks and motorcycles
Floor models, demonstrator models and one-of-a-kind items
Live animals and live plants
Negotiated sales, one-of-a kind sales, cash-only sales
Close-out/liquidation/going-out-of-business sales but only as they relate to a business (not a particular item) going out of business
Employee discounts
Products purchased at Internet auction sites
Items advertised or shown as price quotes or bids from an Internet auction site
Items that are advertised as buy one, get one free or where the advertised price includes free offers or includes a bonus offer
Merchandise purchased through the redemption of Cashback Bonus or Miles in the Merchandise Center or Discover Exclusives on (I guess this means you wouldn't be able to get your extra cash back by using this card?)
Digital downloads including, but not limited to, music, movies, books, mobile apps and eCertificates
Gift cards
Special discounts offered through a specific retailer membership or rewards program
Travel and travel-related services

2. BUT fails the test here

Proving a Loss
Submit the following documentation by the Claim Submission Deadline:

Completed and signed claim form.
The Discover card statement showing the entire original purchase price.
The sales receipt indicating the date, the store, the item and the amount of purchase
Either a copy of the dated, printed, lower-price ad, or a statement, signed by the store manager on store stationery, documenting the details of the lower price of the identical item.

^ In regards to above, let me preempt anyone that wishes to challenge this sentence ambiguous grammar...It won't work. If we break down the requirements of that clause, we're left with the following elements:
1. A copy of the dated, printed, lower-priced ad; OR
2. A copy of the dated, printed, lower priced statement; AND
3. Signed by the store manager on store stationary; AND
4. Must document the details of the lower price of the identical item.

Trying to get around the requirements via commas won't work. I already tried.

Now how would you go about doing that with Amazon? With Walmart, I can see that happening MAYBE if you don't live in a shady neighborhood and the employees/managers aren't so suspect of all their customers.

BUT even if that did happen, you'd have to 1. ensure that you found the BF ad and 2. convince your store manager to sign and approve that it legitimately was a lower price.

Any loopholes that I can't seem to find? This would be the ONLY reason I'd apply for a Discover and I'd hate to have another hit on the credit report for no reason if price protection (pre-BF purchases, naturally) did not work out in my favor.

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