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I like the idea of expandable storage. videos, music, etc, can take up space fast.
I like the idea of the keyboard dock. 90% of what I use my laptop for can be done on a tablet, and a keyboard would make it much easier for that stuff.

as far as I can tell the TF700 is much faster and has better battery life under general use as well.

Do I need a screen as fancy as the Nexus 10? no, and I've read very good things about the TF700 screen.
Do I need the extra 1GB of RAM? it would be nice, but probably not from what I've read.

That said, I can't really think of why I'd want the Note 10.1 over the TF700, I guess I'm waiting for someone to make a good argument for it over the TF700 (or the Nexus 10 other than the expandable storage issue)

Also, I just googled and apparently it is possible to run Ubuntu on the TF700, which gives it another bump for me...
</ talking to myself out loud>

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