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Quote from geniv View Post :
That $119.99 anal looks pretty slick for the price. how reliable is it? what that about the geekbuy as a store are they fast?

my main concern is to just give it to them and do minimal tweaking to it as it waste my time. I want it to be a good first andriod experience
btw: what is the 3D capability of this is it the same as a Tegra2?

THANKS in advance. I want those two kiddies to have a good xmas present this year.
Ainol has a pretty good rep for quality among tablet geeks. Not always perfect right out of the chute, but they usually get the firmware working right with all the hardware after a few revisions. The Crystal has been out long enough that they should have any bugs worked out.

Just bought my first order from Geekbuying on Friday, so I can't comment on their reliability yet. But I've seen a number of positive posts about F&L Superstore, and it might be worth going over your budget a bit to remove some of the uncertainties of buying/shipping from China. I'd contact them and ask your questions directly if there is a chance you will buy from them. From what I've read, they'll respond fast, and likely earn your business.

Tegra2? How about Tegra3? bounce Check out these Quadrant test results [].