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Quote from gameface247 View Post :
What a kick in the nuts. Who is that cable for?

I just assumed it would come with component and it was mislabeled. Fail.
PS3 always came with a composite cable -- Xbox 360 used to come with a 2in1 component & composite cable, but now they only give composite

They do it on purpose so people who don't know anything about technology will spend money on overpriced accessories

Check out these prices on Sony HDMI and longer USB charging cables:
-- Sony
-- Walmart $35 and 4.7/5 stars
-- BestBuy $60 retail and 4.3/5 stars
-- Amazon $70 retail, $33 discounted price and 4/5 stars

I paid around $2-3 for an HDMI cable and around $2 for a 10ft charging cable lol