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Quote from breaux124 View Post :
I was about to get this but it's only got 1 VGA and 1 HDMI, why no DVI-D? My video card has two DVI-D outputs so I would have to get two of those adapters for Dual monitor support. Also viewing angles seem limited and not that I care too much but no VESA mount.

I really wanted to get this, especially since it's Costco, but not sure it would work great for me. I might go with the ASUS deal instead.
Got the same problem myself. I'm trying to build a new computer and I need 2 monitors for dual monitor. But my graphics card that I'm getting comes with 1 DVI, 2 MINI Display-port and 1 HDMI....

Is "Mini" Display-port the same as DVI-D? And since this don't have DVI.... idk if I'll get these at all.... how much do adapters cost?

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