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799 for the Samsung 6000 series LCD is a far better deal. Anyone with two eyeballs, and no macular degeneration can plainly see the difference if you simply point it out. His 5 year old samsung probably matches up pretty evenly TBH. It's true that LCD panels are distributed by only a few companies, they sell different grades of panels. There is a damned good reason an LCD that costs 3x as much costs 3x as much. LCD manufacturing still isn't perfect, and Top grade panels are still not a guarantee. If the certain tolerances aren't met, the manufacturer will sell those lower grade panels to other companies at a huge discount. True, it might be the same panel model, but it probably got rejected by QA because of a failed tolerance test.

Straight from wikipedia:
LCD panels also have defects known as clouding (or less commonly mura), which describes the uneven patches of changes in luminance. It is most visible in dark or black areas of displayed scenes.

These panels will get sold to mass chinese manufacturers.

Video processing is also extremely expensive, companies such as Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, etc etc guard those techniques very closely. It's very easy to save money in a tv's manufacturing cost by buying your tuners off the shelf in bulk from the lowest bidder. I guarantee you top teir companies arent selling their quality video hardware to TCL.

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