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Quote from Slomo4shO View Post :
Sounds like bragging to me...
Ignorance is bliss. I need not say more...
Sounds like this post was for a BAD deal to me......and everyone else.
Quote from trangmichael View Post :
not that anyone is asking, but IMO if you keep any piece of electronics for 5 years you don't really belong on slickdeals because things become outdated so fast and once new things come out the value drops fast.
so the best thing to do is try to buy low and sell hi (duh) and just keep upgrading constantly. if you buy at a low price you can usually flip it in 1/2-1 year later for the same price on craigslist. and if you only own it for that period of time it doesnt need to be super long lasting.
if you still have a tv that is 5 years old you might as well sit on it until it does die because the resell value is too low now, kinda like an old car, just drive it into the ground now.
and as for the the "5-year old 40" Samsung 720P 60Hz 8ms", the stats on this are pretty good except 60Hz might be a little low for some movies and sports and 720P might start to be a little low when you get up to 40". but the real problem is the other things. wouldn't surprise me if that tv has as many component inputs as HDMI, and does it have wifi built in so i can relentlessly connect my laptop? then your tv is horribly out of date, and oh yea it weighs like a million pounds in comparison to this tv. picture quality isnt the only thing, and is becoming a stagnent things since 1080P is basically standard on all TVs now, the upgrades are in inputs and features and with LEDs the weight.
Wow! What? We buying stocks and ETFs now? lol. I have a 60" Plasma Samsung in my living room. Was looking to replace my bedroom 40". TBH, I was gonna just donate my old TV to goodwill or salvation army.
Quote from pet1700 View Post :
You have no idea what you are talking about...Dynamic Contract Ratio means nothing it is the static true contrast ratio that matters...and at the end of the day, that is probably one of the most important features of a TV...not some crap dynamic ratios with silly 50000000:1 crap...why do you think most manufactures do not advertise the true contrast ratios for LCD/LED TVs...because they are awful...stick to plasma for the best picture quality
Here is a good article...
You have no idea what you are talking about. Truthfully, all specs are BS if you want to get nit-picky about it. But, since people do like to "measure" things, we look at the specs. So manufacturers inflate the contrast ratios.....okay. To me, that shows how crappy this TV is because the contrast ratios was inflated to only 100,000:1.

I do agree that plasmas are king, but they can get bad when there's too much external light.

Here's a link: