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Quote from Slomo4shO View Post :
Considering the Sharp Elite Pro series blows away any plasma TV out there... Oh what? It's a LED? Considering its been a while since LEDs have surpassed the average black levels of plasmas and are also more luminescent, Plasma is just an power hungry and dying tech that those who are ignorant still believe to be superior.

You obviously are a moron and/or a bad troll. Either way, educate yourself Smilie

You are correct Sir.
I would partially agree, the sharp is hands down he best lcd on he planet, the old Pioneer Kuro panels still rate better with professional reviewers. Panasonic purchased pioneers manufacturing process a couple years ago. Plasma isnt going anywhere as long as video purists demand them. The VT panny panels use kuro tech. Imo, they are on par with the sharp. Plasma still has superior screen uniformity and black levels, the sharp is still an absolutely stunning set.

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