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Quote from charlie310 View Post :
I love how there are so many people who believe or make-up these lies. Yes, there are suppliers of LCD/LCD-LED parts and many manufacturers will buy from the same supplier. Does that make all TVs the same? Why does Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic charge double, triple, or quadruple the price for the same size TV?

I guess those people deserve a TCL TV. I have a 5-year old 40" Samsung 720P 60Hz 8ms, and I'd never replace it with a TCL even if I got it for free. For one, my TV will probably last longer than a brand new TCL. But the most important thing, my TV still has BETTER PICTURE QUALITY.
Wow, pretty harsh.....wouldn't take a 15" diagonal increase, a huge resolution bump, 4x increase in refresh rate, 2-year warranty, on a full backlit LED panel for FREE!?!?

I assume you also wouldn't stop to bend over to pick up a $100 bill if it was just sitting on the street, Would you be willing to step over it at least or would you have to stop to defecate on it as you passed by. Election season is over, let's try to give the overly dramatic statements a rest. Besides, it's likely untrue as we're slick dealers....we'll take almost anything for free Wink

Seriously though, have you seen this TV in person? Pretty strong words, so I'm assuming you've spent some time with this TCL TV too. Personally, I was considering it but was able to get a Visio 60" on Amazon Black Friday for slightly less $$$ and have had good experiences with other Visio TVs. I spent a fair bit of time researching the TCL and saw a lot of comments like yours but not a lot of facts or experience. On thing that seemed interesting, and I couldn't verify it though, is that rather than Samsung making the TCL panel it may be that TCL makes the panels for some Samsung TVs (which is why Samsung became a large investor in TCL). I couldn't verify but it's worth looking into for someone who wants a screen this large with decent specs for a inexpensive price....even with a square trade warranty added (in case you don't "trust" the 2-year mfgr warranty it is still a pretty inexpensive 55" fully backlit LED.

As an aside, this has been the price on this TV for at least the last month, so doesn't seem like anything special.

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