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I do agree...nothing more than 60mhz is needed...remember nothing is recorded or broadcasted at more than 60mhz...if you use the 120 or 240 feature, everything you watch will start to feel like the 2pm "soap opera" will hate makes watching TV unnatural...(remember, the 120/240 MHz is not the subfield speed that this is being referred to, where for example a plasma has 600hz for a ultra smooth image but displays an image at 60mhz)...

Speak for yourself. I absolutely adore my 240hz LG. The picture is sharp, the "soap opera" effect adds a bit of depth to the picture, and sports look absolutely gorgeous.

To each their own. If you can't handle it, doesn't mean that others cannot, or won't.

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According to the service manual it's a 60Hz panel. Just FYI in case someone wanted to know. Doesn't matter to me LOL
This. I saw this one the other TCL thread as well. I can see how they can interpolate it to the next logical jump (60 --> 120, 120 --> 240) but making two leaps is a bit much and the quality suffers for it.

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