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Quote from jason68031 View Post :
I'm a little bit surprised that this is the going rate. I would have thought that Blizzard would at least make a SC2 + expansion bundle for $60 as the deal. I wonder if they're hurting? Either that or their just trying to squeeze out as much money as possible, without thinking about how such drops affect people's buying decisions for new games.

I think this is a solid tactic to get new players interested in the game so that they have a bigger consumer base to build off of when the expansion hits. I already know several people who weren't interested in SC2 at $40, but couldn't pass it up at $20 and have now put down pre-orders for the upcoming expansion.
I bet the devious minds at Blizzard had this all planned out before SC2 first was released. My guess is that they hired crack dealers to write up the business plan.
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