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Quote from Slickd3aler View Post :
Wth?? Wow, I've been watching ebay for these off and on and missed them
I haven't seen any others come up in Sony's ebay store, but they are back on sale from Sony's website for $159

This might mean that since they have a new batch of refurbs, that the ebay store will sell a few again.
I would probably even buy at $159 with my previous enthusiasm about the player, but that has died down since I discovered mini pc's with HDMI out that run android jelly bean, like the MK808. I may get a cheap blu ray player, and then the MK808.

I did end up buying a NSZ-GT1 off ebay for $70, but it is the unit only, NO power cable, remote, nothing. I just received it last night, with terrible packaging during shipping. I haven't tried it yet, as I ordered a universal AC power adapter (that hopefully works), and that comes in today. Tonight I will decide if I'll keep the NSZ-GT1, or sell it again. I also ordered a Logitech K700 keyboard that hopefully works with it. In a review for the K400 keyboard, someone said they used it for the NSZ-GT1 and it worked well, so the K700 should work. I'll report back.

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