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Quote from tenwinecans View Post :
I went to the nearest Bank of American branch. The teller and the manger looked it up on their computer. Apparently my employer is not one of the companies in this "Bank of America at Work" program so I may not qualify to receive the $100 bonus. (my company is a very large corporation, but we do all our corporate and employee banking with the Citibank)

Does anyone have a list of the companies in this program? I want to forward this deal to my friends/relatives, but don't want to waste their time if their employer isn't one of the eligible ones.

"To receive the bonus: To receive the offer, you must (1) open a qualifying new personal checking account through the Bank of America at Work® program..."

"Eligibility for the Bank of America at Work® program terminates when (a) you terminate your relationship with the sponsoring company or organization or (b) the sponsoring company’s or organization’s Bank of America at Work® program plan is terminated by either the company or organization or Bank of America, at which time rates and fees will revert to the current rates and fees as stated in the Personal Schedule of Fees."
There are member organizations in this "program"? I find that ridiculous! Not one of the benefits of being in the bank [...] at work program is actually a benefit of the program. Every feature they list is open to personal account holders (e.g., online banking, direct deposit, no debit charge liability (this one is federally mandated I think)...). So yea, can anyone verify the people at this branch know what they're talking about with the "you have to work for a member organization" thing??