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Quote from hallowmann View Post :
Good deal, picked up two with one minor issue each. I'll see which looks better. Can anyone tell if these are the ones with special offers or without, or is this just one of those, you'll know when you get it things?
From the pictures of the "screen saver" frame of the kindles, they are the non special offer kinds. The special offer types would have ads on the screen instead of birds/women Stick Out Tongue

Quote from mew24680 View Post :
Cant believe so many people bought the scratched up versions of these!!
You could see the individual pictures, and avoid super scratched up ones. Plus Cowboom pays for return shipping, so if you got a REALLY crappy one you can send it back (you'd lose out on the $5 original shipping though). I bet there will be MANY happy campers from this deal.

Quote from ShadoMakr View Post :
The reviews I read claim that the BNRZ100 does have a browser similar to the kindle.
Sorry, cannot find the review to provide a link...
Could be, I just remember when they came out that the "experimental" kindle browser was sort of unique, and the nook was unable to match that aspect...