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Quote from charlie310 View Post :
I love how there are so many people who believe or make-up these lies. Yes, there are suppliers of LCD/LCD-LED parts and many manufacturers will buy from the same supplier. Does that make all TVs the same? Why does Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic charge double, triple, or quadruple the price for the same size TV?

I guess those people deserve a TCL TV. I have a 5-year old 40" Samsung 720P 60Hz 8ms, and I'd never replace it with a TCL even if I got it for free. For one, my TV will probably last longer than a brand new TCL. But the most important thing, my TV still has BETTER PICTURE QUALITY.

They charge more for proprietary software, proprietary color rendering software, proprietary apps/menu controls and proprietary algorithms for anything 120hz and up. There are only something like 3-6(?) screen manufacturers world wide. So even companies like Sony buy all or some of their screens from other manufacturers.

There is little difference in the actual screens. There is a great difference in color reproduction softwares.