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Quote from Snewpy View Post :
La Crosse Technology is the company I believe you are thinking of and the model most people speak of is the BC-700.

I went with a Maha MH-C800S myself... I preferred the extra bays Smilie
I have both, the Maha first when I had non-LSDs and wanted batts topped off, but I only pull out the LaCrosse now when I'm swapping out LSDs and getting the discharged ones recharged before going back to standby storage.

Since I don't have anything that uses more than 4 batts at a time I rarely need to recharge more than 4 at once now w/ LSDs. In addition to refresh (which the Maha can do) the LaCrosse can also test and give a max capacity to help me match batts together and also feel out if a batt is really done (just do a refresh and test, a couple times, and note if the max cap improved).

Only issue w/ the LaCrosse is if a batt is too far discharged (but still useable) it won't detect it and charge unless I pop it into a dumber charger and give it a bit of juice.

I'll pull out the Maha if I'm using a game console for a party, since there'll be some definite batt rotations, and I only use old non-LSDs for something like that.