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DEAD it is now 179$ after 20$ discount 159$

Costco Amex card has "HSN.COM SHOPPING//Spend $10 or more, get $10 back". This will make it 119.95. Login to your Amex card and save this offer.

View the prepaid plan options at:
A) T-Mobile: or
B) Simple Mobile
Note: Simple Mobile has a $40/month no contract deal that will work with this phone. Simple Mobile uses the same towers as T-Mobile although they charge less money.

Go here for information on rooting and custom ROMs.

Description of APP PAck 6

Android App Pack Select 6
  • Includes six fantastic, useful apps
    - Quickoffice Pro - Create, edit, access, and share your Microsoft? Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations - anytime, anywhere
    - Pathaway GPS - Off-road GPS navigation, tracking and mapping software for recreational or professional use
    - Syncables 360 Home Network v.7 - Wirelessly sync photos, music, videos, documents and contacts from your PC or Mac to your phone
    - Splash ID - Never forget a username or password again; Securely stores usernames, passwords, credit cards, bank accounts, PINs, frequent flyer numbers and more.
    - Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus - All-in-one reference offering the depth of a full dictionary with a wide selection of synonyms and antonyms
    - Sudoku - More than just a game, Sudoku lets you enjoy a peaceful and serene world, smart screens, several playing modes and unlimited play

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