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Quote from geniv View Post :
been a andriod user for 2 years now and I love the platform but I have one specific requirement that is drawing me to get the new ipad.

I got a lot of technical manuals and books in PDF format that I want a good/capable reader for it. The other options I tried (eink reader. doesn't render color/format in usable speed, have to constantly zoom in and out because of small/low res screen)

the closest thing I got was the Asus Transformer TF700 (10" 1920x1200 resolution) I got yesterday. it's fast enough to render PDF and have high resolution and large enough screen where I don't have to constantly zoom/scroll.

But today I just compared a PDF file from my TF700 to my coworkers Ipad 3rd gen (retina display) and the Ipad look MUCH better in terms of screen color vibrance. the extra resolution of the ipad really make the PDF text sharper and easier to read. so I'm thinking of getting the ipad (though it would suck to have to buy apps all over again since I have tons of android apps already)

Shes not technical so I can't bombard her with detials but perhaps a fellow iphone/ipad owner can answer some quesiton for me.

1) Can I just connect usb ipad to any PC and drag and drop files to it ?
2) Do I HAVE to have Itunes to get files or apps to the ipad? (basically have it appear as a storage device upon hookup with no software installation)
3) does it have a file browser where I can just go through the file system?
Unfortunately from primary googling it appeares all three of those are a No (at least without some form of work around of some sort)

I basically want to drag my files (pdf, pics, music, video etc.. . ) to the device, browse to the folder.. tap on the file and have it open up in it's associated app.
Don't want to deal with extra software installs.

btw: I got my gray TF700 from Bestbuy a week ago for $449 ($479 after tax )
Lol none of the above. This is the main reason why I dont own an ipad, it limits you for the sake of simplicity.
To answer your questions:
1) You cant drop files to it like an android. You cant store any random file you want. It needs to me the apple criteria (music, apps, etc).
2) No need for itunes. All the app work can be done through the ipad. If you need files on your ipad you can have them stored on the cloud. You can email them to yourself. Or some apps allow you to access and keep the files on the app itself.
3) No such thing as a file browser.
Most people just use icloud and "pages"