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La Crosse Technology BC-700 alpha battery charger $29 FSSS
I've had a price alert set on Amazon for like a week now on camel*3 trying to get a good price on this highly rated battery charger. i was lucky and it triggered today with a price of $32.57 from Amazon with free shipping. However, when i went on the site it was even cheaper! holla!

This charger is for both NiCad & NiMH AA and AAA batteries. Supports independent charging of each individual battery (4 slots), as well as 4 modes (charge, discharge, refresh, test). You can charge each individual battery at 200 ma, 500 ma, or 700 ma (slower = lower, less heat & longer battery life).

edit - looks like amazon warehouse has 2 of them for $27.08 and $27.30...
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