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I'm tempted to sell my Alienware m11x Sandybridge i3 to get this one, but couple of concerns.

OP - how is the battery-life in real-world usage? Let's say screen brightness about 30-50% with wifi on and just surfing the web? I see 5hr battery life listed but I'm curious if that's optimal or real-world type usage? With above settings, I can get 7-8hrs out of my m11x.

- How easy is a clean install? Some laptops have proprietary software and drivers for special buttons and hardware that a clean Win7 install and just simply installing drivers doesn't get you full function back? How is bloat-ware with stock Asus WinOS?

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The listing looked like Joe's Shady Scam Shack typed it up too. I figured, even if it arrived and it was a case of refurbished Men's UX31A Jockey Underwear at least I could send it back to and just be out the cost of shipping.

Turns out, I couldn't be happier (aside from not getting the better SSD)

Depends if they're Crunchy or Puffs.