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Quote from [Atari] View Post :
Hmm maybe I'm missing something....

The link above is for the Adorama deal -- for the same price, with a lesser lense + $45 gift card as an additional incentive. (So let's pretend apples to apples on the lenses -- and adorama is $50 less than Costco). Within the same Adorma deal above it says if you want the 55-250 lense, you could get it for $100 more from BHphoto -- making the B&H photo deal the same as the costco deal, except $100 more.

Seems to me that the Costco deal is better than both the Adorma & B&H deals if you are looking for the 18-55 and 55-250 lenses.

Spextar is referring to a deal like this one for $699.... where???
what you are missing is that 18-135 + 40
is FAR superior lenses then 18-55 + 55-250
heck, 18-135 alone is superior then 18-55 + 55-250 combined.
value of the lenses
18-135mm ($400) 40mm ($140)
18-55mm ($100) 55-250mm ($175)